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Is TPC right for me?

TPC membership is right for you if you prefer a more personalized relationship with your doctor who knows you well and is available for you around the clock.  If you expect your doctor focus on your longevity, performance, and quality of life instead of searching for or waiting for a disease to treat, then TPC membership is perfect for you.  You will find TPC membership particularly valuable If you appreciate having integrative care options available and natural approaches over prescription drugs whenever appropriate.   Total Priority Care membership is perfect for you if your time is just too valuable to waste waiting to see a doctor and/or waiting for him to figure things out because he has way too many patients to know you.   If you feel you’ve been bouncing from doctor to doctor none of whom are communicating or getting anywhere, your personal TPC physician may provide the connection, continuity and oversight you deserve.  When standard medical treatments are just not helping or worse, causing intolerable side effects, then you may also benefit from some of the fresh integrative therapeutic options available only to TPC members.  

What is TPC Membership?

The annual TPC membership is available to a limited number of patients.  As a member, your personal physician will have the time spend with you, to listen, and get to know you.  Members enjoy overall better health and convenience like how a small class size can profoundly influence your child’s access to the teacher and ultimately the quality of the education.  The membership model guarantees your doctor has only a small manageable number of patients, roughly one tenth the size of the typical practice today.  He knows you before and after your appointments, follows up with you when appropriate, and has the time to personalize your treatments considering the latest research.  New patients are considered for this program after an initial interview with the doctor and offered enrollment on a space availability basis.  TPC membership is right for you if you value your health and desire the highest quality most attentive personalized healthcare available with the convenience and flexibility to fit into your unique lifestyle.  

What happens during my annual visit?

During you 1-2 hour annual visit, your doctor will update your medical home, perform appropriate screening measures, complete a physical exam, request any needed records, and order annual preventive diagnostics to keep you well. A separate follow-up face to face or virtual visit will be scheduled to review all the information and establish a care plan for the year.

Do I have to come in to see my doctor in person?

Initially to establish and then annually thereafter you should visit the office to see your doctor. Some urgent matters may require a visit throughout the year for example to manage a wound. Otherwise, with the close relationship and the foundation upon which your medical home is build, most health matters can be addressed remotely by your personal doctor without even an office visit.

If I have insurance, do I still need to pay the membership fee?

The TPC annual fee covers many benefits of membership not typically reimbursed by insurers. Standard insurance benefits cover brief single-item visits (not necessarily with your own doctor) and specifically exclude Anti-Aging and integrative therapies. Insurance is still necessary for covered items such as your outside labs fees, diagnostic imaging, prescriptions, and specialists.

What is the TPC cancellation policy?

Total Priority Care membership may be cancelled in writing with a 90-day notice. A pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your membership will be issued via check within that period.

What will be my doctor’s availability?

You may text or call your Total Priority Care personal physician anytime. Your doctor or staff member will usually respond within the hour. Also, you may schedule a face to face visit, phone call, or video chat appointment usually within 24 hours for urgent matters.

What happens when my doctor is out of town?

Your personal physician will always be available to you via phone or text even when out of town provided he is within a mobile coverage area. Many things can be managed over the phone with the support of the office staff. But, a local licensed doctor will always be available for a face to face visit in consultation with your personal physician.

What do I do in the case of a medical emergency?

In the case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Your personal physician will reach out to the treating doctor in the emergency room to support your safe coordinated care. All your relevant medical history including current medications and potential sensitivities will be relayed to the treating physician. Your personal physician will then monitor any emergency care treatments received, then closely follow-up after discharge to assure nothing is missed.

Do I need special equipment for TPC membership?

No special equipment is needed to participate in TPC membership. You will need a smartphone or a computer equipped with appropriate hardware and internet connection for email, text, chat, or video visits with your personal physician. For remote health monitoring, you may need some consumer diagnostic equipment such as a blood pressure cuff, glucose meter, or scale. However, none are required for TPC membership

How is this different from on-demand or online doctor services?

On demand doctor services are generally not setup to allow patients to form long-lasting relationships with their doctors. Typically, when you use an on-demand doctor app you are paired with a random doctor who does not know you or your medical history. In contrast, TPC membership provides you a personal physician with whom you will always be connected hopefully for many years. When you have access to your own doctor who really knows you well, you are literally have the safest most effective healthcare available.

Who are the Peak Health Group personal physicians?

Your Peak Health Group personal physician is board-certified in family medicine, but also has undergone special post-graduate training in Integrative Holistic Medicine as well as Anti-Aging medicine. Beyond the training, the Peak Health Group personal physicians thrives on building close relationships and providing quality long-term care to the small number of member patients such as yourself.

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